Eight Minutes To Wapner

Once upon a time, back in the heyday of MP3.com, my friends Harry LeBlanc and Joe Miller and I got together to create a little electronic music. We were entranced by the new technology that was enabling the creation of well polished music using computers and samples in the comfort of our living rooms. What used to be the domain of expensive studios was now available to the masses for little more than the cost of a computer and some relatively inexpensive software. It was an interesting little project and best of all there was a slim possibilty that we just might get paid.

Well… we did receive one check and used it to go out to eat. And we even got reviewed

So here it is in all it’s glory. The full album.

Eight Minutes to Wapner

Secret Agent Briefcase of Love. 7:22

La Dolce Luna. 7:54
Splainin. 4:13
Come Fly with me. 5:57
Insomnia. 4:40
Why Not. 4:11
I’m an Excellent Driver. 4:51
Definitely Not My Underwear. 4:45
Song Freud Interpretation of Drums. 6:23